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Founded in 2015 by John Steels Red Fox Historical Archery was Set up in response to seeing too many modern bows and badly dressed archery instructors at historical events. Red Fox was concieved as an provider of authentic historical have-a-go archery for medieval events. Using hand crafted equipment and authentic bows the initial aim was to make the have-a-go experience feel like part of the encampment but as time went on we expanded into education, interpretation and consultancy. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the landscape of events for a couple of years and so we returned our focus to archery and, working closely with respected partners, we expanded into events and Film and TV.

John grew up in Yorkshire and studied graphic design and illustration and dreamed of being a comic artist. Briefly sidetracked throughout the latter years of the 1980s through to the mid 90s living the life of a struggling pop star in an avant garde indie hip-hop band he finally returned to art in 1996 when he decided to do the next best thing to being a popstar and become a rock and roll game developer.

20 years later with a slew of award winning games under his belt (alongside a massive paunch) and a growing sense of ennui he took up archery and then re-enactment... the rest is History. Literally.

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