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Basic Rules and Safety Guidelines

Red Fox Historical Archery will provide all the equipment needed for a fun experience including bows, arrows, bracers hand guards and targets. All you need to bring are yourselves, a packed lunch if the session requires it and you will need to wear suitable clothing preferably that covers your arms and legs. Try to avoid Loose fitting tops. Scarves, large earrings and facial jewellery must be removed and long hair should be tied back. Wear suitable footwear Flat soles with covered toes such as boots or trainers would be most appropriate. Sandals and high heels are definately not suitable.


First order of the day is a thorough safety briefing. Archery is fun but the bow is a weapon so safety is paramount. Mostly its common sense but it bears repeating. Here are some basics to keep in mind.


  • First and foremost we operate a strict no alcohol, no drugs policy. If you're not safe you dont shoot.

  • No one should ever be in front of the archery line when shooting is taking place.

  • If multiple archers are shooting they must be alongside each other straddling the shooting line.

  • You must never point an arrow at another person and certainly never point a drawn bow at someone.

  • Never shoot an arrow straight up in the air.​

  • If anyone calls "FAST" it is not safe to "loose" the arrow, lower the bow and remove the arrow from the string.

  • Never Dry Loose a bow, without an arrow on the string you can break the bow

  • Never approach the target to collect arrows unless given the command to do so, other archers may still be shooting

  • When going to collect arrows beware of arrows in the grass

  • Stand to the side when pulling arrows out of the target

  • Check that nobody is standing directly behind you before removing an arrow


Here is an apt nursery Rhymes to reinforce the message...


I shot an arrow in the air,

I know not how it fell, or where,

but strangely enough at my journey's end,

I found it again in the neck of a friend. 

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