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Have-a-go Archery

Archery is a well loved pastime and olympic sport but its heritage conjours tales of Robin Hood and Hollywood Action Heroes. Our Have-a-go archery is an exciting and popular addition to any event.


We can tailor the experience to suit you, your clients or the topography. The type of range, targets and activities are flexible and can be tailored to suit the participants skill level and the tone of the event that you are hosting.

We can charge you a flat fee so you can offer a free experience to the public or we can charge each participant reducing the cost to you.


Contact us to for further details or to book Red Fox for your event

All bookings are dependant on a consultation and risk assessment prior to the event to assess whether the location is safe for archery


The button below will take you to a page detailing guidelines for you and participants to bear in mind before taking part in an archery experience.


Example Ranges

Click on the icon below to view a pdf document that gives examples of the kind of ranges that we could create for your event.

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