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Workshops are flexible and as a result so too is pricing but as a rule of thumb Day Workshops are typically formed of 4-6 modules with a single leader. We now only support 35 children with our standard workshops although a limited number of modules can be modified to support up to 60 children.

Below are rough guidelines for approximate costs.

For up to 35 children we recommend a single Leader

  • Price £300 per day (plus travel expenses beyond 25 mile radius of Worthing).

For 36 -60 children (may require an additional leader)

  • Price £550 per day (inclusive of additional leader, plus travel expenses beyond 25 mile radius of Worthing).

certain modules incur a small surcharge for materials

As each visit is bespoke, we ask that you contact our learning specialist, John Steels, to discuss  your aims or how we can fit in with your topic.

To contact us for a quote or for more details email John at

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